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Fashion & Retail

The shopping experience worldwide has undergone revolutionary changes post pandemic. The apparel and footwear industry is highly competitive and fragmented due to low barriers of entry, hence making it one of the most competitive and demanding industries that exists in the realm of retail. Merging manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce into a solo, unified digital
platform has become the fundamental necessity of the retail industry.

Redefining Adaptability

With inadequate IT solutions, fashion & retail companies tend to suffer from slow production, poor efficiency, faulty reporting, long waiting times, lower revenue and many more issues. Limited visibility into global inventory, complex integration, data duplication, misalignment of supply and demand, loom large on the industry as daunting challenges. 

Fact remains, adaptability has always been a crucial factor to remain competitive and relevant. Hence, looking for progressive platforms which can consolidate operations, prioritize efficient supply chain system, and handle new issues are becoming the centre of attention for the fashion & retail industry players. 

The focus and competencies are shifting from just production to more of planning, controlling, and monitoring the overall value chain system. Afterall, businesses must indispensably balance the multiple omnichannel without compromising their service, efficiency, transparency, or fulfilment.

In touch with Tomorrow

The retail industry is at the forefront of dealing with the ever-changing and volatile customer sentiments. Trends keep changing and this is something businesses cannot control. Hence, companies must be able to cater and cope with these sporadic and unpredictable changes like seasonal fluctuations, design variations, forecast uncertainty, stock shortages, and the inevitable price markdowns.

The bespoke solutions from ITRadiant allow retailers to harness the visibility they require to optimize everything, right from merchandising to their entire supply chain. Our unparalleled capabilities to assist you in customizing some of your business logics and functionalities like – ‘Fast Order Entry’ to speed up manual entry process, ‘Rush Orders’ to avoid shipment delays, ‘Credit Card Processing’ for automating later settlements, and ‘Value-Added Services’ at distribution centre level, empowers your business along with your partners, employees, customers to work in successful association. 

To augment communication throughout the value chain, we can support you to customize your workflows, establish collaboration between modules for wholesalers and manufacturers. To summarize, our innovative solutions aid fashion & retail companies bridge the gap between disparate business operations, to realize the full potential of mobility, and analytics to support an omnichannel business model. We can help you create ideal customized solutions to facilitate effective optimization of business process intelligence, overall user experience, and maximizing the AI capabilities of system with the help of embedded analytics.

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